Acuflow - Tools for Treatment


Lasting health through self-regulation!

The design of the products for self and external treatment have their origin in the practical work on patients. In modern times, it is often necessary to continuously self-regulate in order to prevent health issues.

So just auto correct your Flow.

Your blood flow, your lymph flow, the flow of your nerve signals. In short, the flow of your energy!

The medical hand axe.

Acuflow X

The Acuflow X is designed for mechanical and thermal treatment of trigger points, fascia, muscles and connective tissue - invented, developed and sustainably made in Germany.

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Achieve more with less.

The AcuRoll

A handmade device that morphologically adapts to the body for passive self acupressure as well as targeted mobilization of joints, capsules, fascia and organ structures.

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You bring the technique, the tool does the work.

AcuGun Percussion Massage Gun

The AcuGun is a high-quality electric massage gun. The Acugun includes 6 different massage heads to treat different parts of the body with the appropriate techniques.

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Online courses

You are already…

…working in the health sector as a physical therapist, alternative practitioner or doctor and you are not able to achieve the desired results with your patients because the symptoms seem to complex? Or would you finally like to realize your professional potential and do something that gives you a sense of purpose? You’re tired of working day in and day out for something that doesn’t fulfil you? You long to finally be able to enjoy your dream job and help others along the way.

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Invented & developed from applied medical practice.

RAAV Therapy

In 2007, the journey started with competitive athletics, and in 2014, RAAV Therapy opened with its first location in northern Germany. Daily, intensive work on a wide variety of patients’ issues gave rise to the idea of giving people more than just exceptionally good treatment. Namely, the possibility to self-regulate while learning about your own body and its function. In order to help even more people, we have created the Biofunktional Akademie with over 450 educational videos. This is where we train physicians of different specialties in various techniques and equipment.

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